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uotes from Her In-Depth Interview

Foreign Correspondent turned bestselling author Kim Barker signed copies of her breakout book Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (now a movie starring Tina Fey) at STORY this week, but not before sitting down for a candid conversation with New York Times cultural reporter Melena Ryzik. A double shot of levity and gravity, their conversation touched on writing comedy about war, punching unwelcome gropers, finding out you’re “Kabul Cute”, and how her Feminism manifested both in the book and in the warzone.

“It was an asset to be a woman reporter in Afghanistan. I had access to half to population, the women, that the male reporters didn’t necessarily get.”
Most news outlets were not sending female correspondents to report on Afghanistan, and were missing the whole story by half. Barker emphasized that despite what people’s preconceptions may have been, being a woman gave her an important perspective on the story that was otherwise obscured by prejudice.