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The Knicks fans who wanted Carmelo Anthony leave NY already will get a close look of what they gained and what was lost, as the Knicks will open new season in Anthony’s new city, OKC, to meet with their recent point leader and the MVP of the last season, Russell Westbrook, and his Thunder. This could go ugly quickly, but this season is not about winning for the Knicks, it’s about losing.

Kudos to Phil Jackson and his decision to draft Porzingis, and kudos to Porzingis himself, for proving doubters wrong to become one of the most coveted assets in the league. However, is a rare shiny moment for the Knicks organization, one that couldn’t help Jackson save his chair. Porzingis, one time excited to be a member of the Knicks, may not want to extend his contract with the franchise.

In fact, the Knicks have been all about broken relationships. Their former stars are not welcome in the arena, they failed to offer a head coaching gig to all-time great Ewing, sack GMs and coaches and drive away players. If losing is not enough, these are tough times for the franchise and their fans.

To stop you short of believing that I’m bashing them for letting Anthony go, I’m actually not a big fan of his game. Never was, and his departure will clear the air and help establish the winning culture. His me-first approach may suit Big Apple more than other NBA venues, but it hurt the Knicks. In the end, the Knicks actually got an excellent return in his trade. Unfortunately, other decisions have been terrible.