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Welcome To NCAA Collage Football Week -7 , CLEMSON VS. SYRACUSE Live Stream Online Football Game , How To Watch NCAA 2017 Game Online . WEEL-7, WATCH live Updates: Scores , and Results for ‘ Football . What a TV Channel, Schedule, Game Time, Odds, Result, Online ,Preview, Team, News, More Info.Football season is the best time of the year to be a sports fan. In the past, all of the action in the National Football League and college football was on the weekend. Now, it’s all week long. In the ‘dark ages’ of sports broadcasting, fans were limited to watching their local team or whatever the TV networks wanted to shove down their throats for a ‘national game of the week.



Syracuse vs Clemson
Week:NCAA College Football WEEK 7
Gameday: Friday, October 13, 2017
Time: LiVe PM ET

Syracuse is an improving team under Dino Babers, and it isn’t due just to the meteoric rise of his offense with Eric Dungey at the helm. Brian Ward was brought in to complement the Orange fast-paced aerial attack implemented by Babers, and the results are better this year than they were in 2016 despite a talent drop. Long gone are the high-risk, high-reward, frenetic cover 0 jailbreak blitzes featured by Scott Shafer; Syracuse became a far more conservative defense since Ward’s hiring — incorporating mostly cover 2 derivatives in both man and zone — and has actually improved from disastrous to middling here in 2017.

This is such a weird game. Clemson football will be playing in a dome (and we know how loud it can be up there….lol) for the first time this season against a Syracuse team with a putrid defense.

One place where SU can help there is in terms of penalties — a long-time issue for the Orange, but one that’s become even more pronounced in recent weeks. Syracuse is averaging 7.5 penalties per week (for 60 lost yards), while Clemson is one of the 30 or so least-penalized teams in the country. Tigers opponents haven’t even been penalized that much this season. But for a Syracuse team that has been losing games by single digits, those extra few yards in either direction could be the difference.