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American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Winter is the youngest of three children. She lives with her brother Kai in their family home. Her father was a lawyer who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident. This caused him to go from being a man who was firm but fair with his wife and children to being abusive. In 2014, her mother, devastated by the abuse and accusations that she was having an affair, killed her husband then herself. Kai was the only one of the siblings home at the time. Kai informs their third sibling, Dr. Rudy Vincent, of their parents’ passing and hides them in their bedroom, covering their bodies with lye to mask the smell. Winter’s clueless of her parents’ deaths until she returns home for Thanksgiving and Kai shows her the bodies. Upset and sickened, she threatens to turn them both in. Kai uses Rudy Vincent’s logic about what will happen to the family home and finances, which successfully convinces her not to turn them in. It is stated that Winter went through a period when she self harmed, most likely due to her parents deaths, and her friends were concerned that Clinton losing the election would cause her to relapse. She left Vassar College to work on Clinton’s campaign. After the election she was hired as a nanny by Ally and Ivy.

Winter reacted negatively to Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election, blaming the supportive voters for failing to do more while on the telephone with a friend. She then had a bickering with her brother, Kai, a seemingly Trump supporter who was happy for the rampant panic caused by the election outcome.

In the following days, Winter came to Mayfair-Richards home to respond to Ally and Ivy’s job advert for a nanny. Winter presented herself as the perfect candidate, having previously studied her victims. Distorting her past, Winters gave the idea of an open-minded activist involved in social work. Once hired, Winter began to become familiar with Oz, fascinated by Oz’s drawing of Twisty murdering a guy. After some homophobic remarks, Winter introduced Oz to the dark web, showing the child the video of a murder, describing it as a vaccine to desensitize Oz to violence.

After several days, Winter takes advantage of Ivy’s absence from home to make Ally become more open and confident towards her. To do this, Winter seduced her employer with red wine and a hot bubble bath. Once she realized that Ally was becoming dependent on her, Winter left the woman alone at home during a blackout with the excuse of having to go home to check her belongings. [2] The next day, she then returned to the Mayfair-RIchards residence re-assigned as Oz’s nanny by Ivy despite Ally’s annoyance for leaving behind the house earlier.